29th May 2011

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Tobacco Zipper Bag

I know most people suck when it comes to smoking. I like doing it, so screw you neo-hippy! I’m also broke as hell, and I love to make things, so I roll my own smokes. I wanted a cute pouch to carry it all in.

I found this website, and it explains how to make this. I just changed my measurements.

I also did a mushroom applique on the front. I was originally going to do a little heart, but later on in the day, I changed my mind to a mushroom. I satin stitched a squiggle line across the fabric piece, before I started stitching. I satin stitched around a mushroom shape piece of fabric, and all the detail lines as well. Time consuming but easy.

Hey look! My lighter matches. I win!!!! The innards of the pouch. Same fabric I used to make this.

I am such a bow-nerd. I made a really teeny tiny one as a zipper pull. Under normal circumstances, I do not have that kind of patience. I had a little helper *teehee*

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11th May 2011

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Little Zipper Pouch

My ex-husband came over today, to get his hair cut. That’s pretty usual fair around here. I cut everybody’s hair, for the most part. I pulled out the clippers. They are stored in an ugly nylon bag (it looks like some kind of fabric you would use to make S&M gear, shit you not). I hated it. So I was inspired to make this:

It’s super cute, huh?

Here is what the insides look like:

The inside is lined with the best lime green fabric I could find in my stash. I guess I have been on some kind of weird green kick the last two weeks. I’m not going to dye my hair green anytime soon (I did this once, not realizing St. Patrick’s Day was the next day, old ladies were commenting on how festive I looked… I’m not even Irish, what do I care).

Here is a nice tutorial on how to do this little bag. It was quick and easy. If I do make another, I will use interfacing so it will keep it’s shape a bit better (I was feeling lazy)

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